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Welcome to the Ryan Insurance Strategy Consultants LTCi Quick Quote

Often the first thing people want to know about long term care insurance is "how much does it cost?"

To get an idea of what it would cost for LTC insurance, click here (or above) to get a quote in less than 60 seconds.  With this proprietary app-type tool, you can help clients make an informed and well-documented decision about whether to buy LTC insurance based on their premium budget.  It can also provide pinpoint value propositions for:

1.     Buying now vs. buying later vs. self-insuring.

2.     3-year vs. 5-year vs. 10-year benefit periods.

3.     Shared Care vs. independent policies

4.     Choosing benefit period, elimination period, maximum monthly benefit.


These are the lowest premiums being offered by the industry’s leading insurance companies.


If your client feels they can afford such coverage, please contact Dian Haider (ext 100) or John Ryan (ext 102) for a personalized quote based on your client’s needs and health history.


                        For our tutorial on "Understanding LTC," please click here